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The Pattern & The Prophecy - God's Great Code by James HarrisonIn November 1998, I came across a book that greatly grabbed my attention. Upon getting the book, I kept reading without stopping until it was all finished. The book is called "The Pattern & The Prophecy -- God's Great Code", written by mathematician James Harrison. This is one of the most comprehensive amongst books exploring the amazing numerical pattern of the Bible. Using this tool, all true interpretations of the Bible can be confirmed numerically. It is as if doubting Thomas had touched Jesus' torn hands and side.

James' book reports a remarkable discovery in the Scripture. Although it is not a new topic, somehow, BIBLICAL NUMEROLOGY, as it was called before, has long been rejected or ignored by many Bible scholars. After years of study in this area, James and many others are convinced that the numerical pattern is genuine and can be used as a valuable tool to help us better understand the Bible, a work as amazing as the marvelously structured physical world. This clearly shows that the Word of God and the Works of God go hand in hand.

For those who have heard of the Bible Code (or ELS, for Equidistant Letter Sequence) phenomenon, we need to point out that the numerology of the Bible is a different aspect of the same puzzle. As you will see in the following section, both Hebrew and Greek letters have a dual function, i.e., each letter in the alphabet table is used as a distinct number.

Numerology of the Bible deals with all the numbers in the Bible. These numbers can be classified into two main catagories: (1) numbers in the surface text and (2) numbers hidden in the text.

To just give you a glimpse of the numbers in the surface text of the Bible, I am simply pointing out the wonder of the number

As we all know, this number appears in chapter 21 of John, where Jesus' seven disciples, with Peter in lead, were catching fish as they did not know what to do, even after they had seen the risen Lord. They worked hard all night, but caught nothing. Then they heard a man by the shore speaking to them: "Cast the net on the right side of the boat!" They did as instructed and caught a net of
153 big fish, no more and no less. This is the only miracle after Jesus' resurrection recorded in the Bible that is associated with a number. You know, a fisherman does count his fish -- but in this situation, it was rare that these seven disciples would do it when they are caught unfaithful in going back to their previous profession of cataching fish, rather than catching men and bring them into the kingdom of God. What is so unusual about 153? As some of you might already know:

153 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... + 17

And the number 17 is associated with Noah's Ark (it rested on the Mountain of Ararat on the 17th of the month) and the Lord Jesus' resurrection (on the 17th, since the Passover is on the 14th, and 3 days later Jesus arose). Amazingly, the Greek noun for "fish" in "153 big fish" occurs in the whole Bible in 17 verses.

To express 153 in a geometrical shape, it is like stacking
153 tennis balls on a three-sided base, with each side having 17 balls.

More about

153 = 1 + 1x2 + 1x2x3 + 1x2x3x4 + 1x2x3x4x5
( or = 1! + 2! + 3! + 4! + 5!)

153 = (12x12) + (3x3)

153 = 3x3x17

Most interestingly, 153 will resurrect itself when we apply a function
called "
Trinity Function" to it:

153 => 13 + 53 + 33 = 153

Usually, when we apply this function to other numbers, the Trinity Function will convert them to different numbers, for example

12 => 13 + 23 = 9;
123 => 13 + 23 + 33 = 36.

Further more, the numbers 17 and 153 are directly related to a number in the Old Testament, 969, which is the longest years a man of flesh (Mathushelah, Genesis 5:27) ever lived on earth according to the Bible. What is the connection?

= 1
= 1 + 2
= 1 + 2 + 3
= 1 + 2 + 3 + 4
= ...
= 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + ... +


To express this structure in a geometrical shape with
969 tennis balls, it is a solid tetrahedron containing 4 facets (each facet having 153 balls) and 6 sides (each side having 17 balls). The following drawing shows what a tetrahedron is. A tetrahedron is simply the manifestation of a triangle in the 3D world, or reversely, the latter is simply the projection of the former in the 2D world:

What is the hidden message here? Well, the hidden message is the same as what the Bible claims in the surface text: Jesus rose from the dead on the 17th in order for us to resurrect (symbolized in 153) from the dead when He comes the second time. This is eternal life (symbolized in 969), promised before, enjoyed by us now, and fully realized in four aspects (spirit, mind, soul and body) in the future.

The above examples involve only numbers in the surface text of the Bible. In order to go to the depth of Bible's numerical structure, one has to use GEMATRIA (in Hebrew) or ISOPSEPHIA (in Greek). Gematria or Isopsephia is an ancient science of working out the numerical value of a word or sentence based on a one-to-one correspondence between letters of the alphabet and their numbers.

For both
Hebrew and Greek [the two languages used in the original text of the Bible], each of their letters has a dual function: (1) to form words and (2) to use for counting. (See Hebrew and Greek tables). Because of this one-to-one letter-number correspondence, the whole text of the Bible, if viewed numerically, is a huge collection of numbers. In other words, the Bible is like a gigantic, super building that is constructed solely of numbers. The natural question is: Is there a pattern in this super structure? The answer is YES! James Harrison's book demonstrates solid evidence for that.

Jesus' wonder number: 888

In James' book, you will learn:

James Harrison's book God's Great Code: The Pattern & The Prophecy
  • Why 888 is Jesus' number in the Holy Scriptures.
  • Why 666 is the number of the Beast.
  • The origins of the fear of the number 13.
  • What Trinity Function is and why it is pivotal in connecting all numbers together, no matter how big they are.
  • The hidden symbolism of the world's most famous name, Jesus Christ.
  • Why the Holy of Holies, from the Tabernacle to the City of Revelation, was always a perfect cube.
  • How and where the Trinity and the name Jesus are found
    in Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21 -- the Bible's first and last verses.
  • Why the number 2000 is such a dividing point, such a watershed, unless something momentous is going to occur around that time?

  • Note: To get a copy of James' book at Amazon, please click the following link:

    The science of gematria can also help us distinguish between the work of God and the work of the Satan. James' book has two chapters dealing with the numerical system of Satan -- an inherent reason why many people, including Christians, are scared of numbers.

    For those who want to investigate more on this subject, I am listing, including James' book, some related books dealing with this topic in the following. This list is not exhaustive, but at least it could give you a good place to start. If you want to get a copy of each book on the list, a related link to Amazon bookstore is provided:

    A. "Jesus Christ, the Number of His Name -- The Amazing Number Code Found in the Bible", Bonnie Gaunt, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1999.

    The author is also a mathematician. Her focus is on the numbers associated with Jesus Christ. This is an eye-opening book, which shows how things connected to our Lord are manifested in the whole universe. Please
    click here to get this book at Amazon.

    B. "Stonehenge & the Great Pyramid: Window on the Universe", Bonnie Gaunt, Adventures Unlimited Press, 1993.

    Again Bonnie reveals the link of Lord Jesus' name to the two most ancient architectures on earth: Stonehenge & the Great Pyramid. Please
    click here to get this book at Amazon.

    C. "Number in Scripture -- Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual
    ", E.W. Bullinger, Kregel Publications, 1967.

    This is one of the most classic books on this topic. Solid as a result of hard work. To get this book at Amazon, click here.

    D. "The Original Code in the Bible -- Using Science & Mathematics to Reveal God's Fingerprints", Del Washburn, Madison Books, 1998.

    This is a condensed version of his two books "
    Theomatics" and "Theomatics II". The work is solid and wide, however, his interpretation of the Bible appears to be symbolic only and he tends to ignore the face value of the Scripture. Click here to get this book at Amazon.

    I strongly feel that God allows this wonderful numerical pattern (hidden in the past) to be discovered in this last hour so that "... the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." (Habakkuk 2:14; Isaiah 11:9)

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